I will climb  trees , hang on walls , and crawl in the mud LOL!  

I will climb  trees , hang on walls , and crawl in the mud LOL!



About me , Oh my goodness this is very hard for me . I'm not an all about me person . I mostly spend most of my time taking care of others . I have five boys and now have 10 Grandchildren ....yes, you read that right hehe ! Married to a very supportive man , Danny is my rock .

I've always been an artistic soul . I love the raw emotion , the excitement and down to the exit  of a wedding but most of all knowing that my ability to see a moment and capture it will forever be apart of my Bride and Grooms memories and lives. 

I will say this about my self and I think my family will back me up hehe . Yes I have OCD . I can not be late and if I say I will do something , I DO IT !  I can't stand crumbs ...no lie !   

I will do what ever it takes to capture your magical moments for you . If I have to climb trees or crawl through chigger infested weeds, I will . .and I have . I went on a Fl. vacation once with over 100 chigger bites on me . I looked like I had chicken poxs ... hey I had the pool to my self hehe ...

Well I'm going to eat my words here . Look above where I said," I hate to talk about myself " . I got carried away ....Don't get me started talking about my babies hehe ...OH my, they are soooo cute ! 

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isa Cruikshank

Passionate about what she does . Lisa lets nothing get in the way of her vision , she is often seen climbing on cars , laying in the grass . She does what she has to do to capture your memories .Yes she has fallen off chairs .

Lisa cares for her clients and knows what it means to them to capture the memories of a wedding day. She works closely with Brides and family members to capture the magical moments of their special day. Not just the posed portraits but Nana crying as she watches her Daughter tie the sash on her daughters wedding dress to the laughter on the dance floor . Lisa has a passion for special candid moments but can capture the LOVE of a newly married couple like no other. 




Winner of the Summer Photo Camel Contest.

Placed top 100 in the catagory of Just Brides , out of 14,000  talented Photographers in the Shoot and Share Photo Contest.